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the happiness project | marlee and you
While browsing my school bookstore, I came upon a gem of a book that I simply had to buy. Entitled The Happiness Project, this 5 year journal record is an ideal way of keeping track of those simple day-to-day memories.

I love the concept which is writing a few lines (maybe a sentence or two) each day over the course of five years, and then being able to look back and see the life changes and things that brought you joy throughout those stages in your life. I've always had an interest in journaling, and a sentence a day is totally manageable.

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A cute little detail that I love is the inspiring thought or quote at the top of each page. Gretchen Rubin is a genius for coming up with this project. I know a lot of people would like to journal and keep track of life's happenings, but don't want to commit to such a task everyday. This book is the perfect option for anyone. I give The Happiness Project 5 stars! And the best part is, the story is yours to be written.


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