maybelline BABY SKIN pore eraser review

After seeing a few reviews and becoming rather curious, I thought I’d give Maybelline's Baby Skin Pore Eraser a try. I was actually so surprised at how small the tube was because the photos online were apparently deceiving. (I took a picture of the tube in my hand to help show proportions.)

maybelline baby skin pore eraser | marlee and you

What the products claims:
-instantly blurs the look of pores, without clogging them
-transparent gel formula, smooths on clear
-smooths and refines skin’s appearance
-non-comedogenic and fragrance-free

-use alone for flawless skin, smoothing onto areas with visible pores
-smooth a thin layer under foundation

My Thoughts:
I don’t typically wear a full face of makeup on a daily basis, so I was really counting on this product to work its magic without having to be covered in foundation. Luckily I wasn’t let down. The texture of this clear-ish gel is a little “slippery” if that makes sense. My advice: less is more. You really don’t need to use a lot at once.

I’d definitely recommend this product. I picked it up for about $10, and I know it’s going to last me a while, so it was definitely a good purchase. I tend to have more oily skin, but it gets dry in the winter… either way, I believe Baby Skin would suit all skin types just fine and show some great results.

Give it a try! You can buy Baby Skin wherever Maybelline makeup products are sold.



  1. Great review I heard so many positive review about it.

  2. I love this :) works really well on my skin too, officially a fan of your blog! xx

  3. I might have to check this out! Great review!
    ­Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  4. I think I'll give it a try, it seems to be good!


  5. Such a great review! I've seen this Baby skin pore eraser when I was on holiday in London last month. The product was almost everywhere sold out. So I thought it might be good. Didn't buy it, though :)

    Sofie x
    Little green Sofie

    1. thanks! you should definitely give it a try!

  6. I heard a lot of positives about this product! Great review :)

    blog ♥

  7. This is a great review! and I definitely think i will try this!