sephora instant nail polish remover review

I love painting my nails and having them look all pretty, but if you're like me, you hate the whole removal process when you get nail-polish-remover-soaked cotton balls all over your bathroom and it takes way too long to get back to that fresh nail look. I heard about Sephora's Instant Nail Polish Remover and how it's supposedly "magic" so I thought I'd give it a try. I figured this is a great follow up my last nail art post.

sephora instant nail polish remover | marlee and you

What the products claims:
-magic in a bottle
-can make even the most long wearing nail polishes disappear
-so effective you can change nail polish as often as you like

To use:
-one by one, turn polished nails in the pre-soaked foam

sephora instant nail polish remover | marlee and you

My Thoughts:
I was immediately impressed by how quickly this product worked - it was truly like magic! On nails with a dark black polish, the edges were not fully clean after one minute, but it wasn't a huge issue. What I didn't like was how dry this product made both my nails and cuticles. I suggest rinsing your fingers and using intense hand and nail lotion after removing the polish.

For convenience, I love this concept of removing nail polish! I'd definitely recommend it and it also wasn't overly expensive (around $12).

Let me know if you give this product a try!



  1. This seems like an awesome product! Half the reason why I dont paint my nails often is because taking the nail polish off is so annoying! I'll have to try it out. :)

  2. this looks like a nice product... i will try it when i am out with my Zoya nail polish remover :) xx