cooking adventures: stuffed pasta shells

stuffed pasta shells | marlee and you

Now that I am officially 20, I thought I should start taking on more "adult" responsibilities. I'll be moving out and starting my own home soon enough, so I figured I should begin building my recipe repertoire! So far I've mastered grilled cheese, pita pizzas and french toast - I've definitely got a long way to go before I can make myself a week's worth of cooking without struggle.

I may have been a bit ambitious for my first cooking adventure, picking a dish that I wouldn't classify as grilled-cheese-level-basic. I tried out a recipe for spinach, artichoke and feta stuffed shells with my boyfriend the other day and the results were surprisingly scrumptious!

stuffed shells | marlee and you

There were a number of steps, and essentially two recipes happening at once: the sauce and the shell stuffing. Once we got those under control, everything else was smooth sailing. This recipe wasn't as difficult as I would've believed before making it.

I think the hardest part in making this meal was finding the ingredients in the grocery store! The recipe called for ricotta cheese and artichoke hearts - two things I've never bought before. After this recipe's success, I can't wait to take on other dishes! The stuffed shells tasted really good! I'd definitely make a few changes to the recipe if I made it again, but it wasn't atrocious.

Is there a certain dish you'd love to master?



  1. That looks sooo good! I'd love to be able to cook some Italian dishes such as lasagna. Btw Marlee, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog and you should totally check it out! (:

  2. My God, it looks delicious! It's nice to learn some recipes as you're moving out soon, it'll be helpful for you :)


  3. These look delicious, Marlee!! :)

  4. Looks so yummy!


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  5. These look sooo good. I'm getting really hungry right now.
    The dish I'd love to master would probably have to be fish cakes (because I love them)
    Love the post!

  6. Can we just take a moment of silence..to admire that divine pasta! I'm cooking macaroni and cheese for my family but next time this will defiantly be something I would cook :)

    Thanks Marlee,<33