exam season: top 5 study tips

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This school year is finally coming to a close which means two things: exams and stress. I'll be finishing my second year of university, and I've learned a lot of things when it comes to studying these past two years. Sometimes you just need a reminder of important tips to get you on track and prepped to write your exams, so I came up with a top 5 that you can hopefully find useful!

1. Have an organized study space

Get rid of all distractions! Make sure your study space is organized and free of visual clutter. The fewer things around that could distract you, the better! I can study and focus much better when my room and desk space are clean.

2. Take regular breaks

Everyone works at their own pace. Try and find that ideal amount of time that you can productively study for before needing a break. I usually aim for 30-45 minutes of concentrated work before a taking a break. Watch something on Youtube, grab a snack, stretch out and walk around - give your brain a quick rest!

3. Stay motivated

Not everyone is motivated by the same things. I personally have a container full of gummy candies that I use as little "awards" for writing a paragraph of an essay, or studying and memorizing a specific concept. Candy is a great motivator for me. Perhaps you could try something along the lines of "once I read this textbook page, I'll check me phone and send some texts... then back to the books." Find something to motivate you, and use it!

4. Create a plan of attack - and stick to it!

Look ahead to the upcoming due dates or exam times. Then figure out what you need to have read, memorized and studied by when. Spread it all out into a doable schedule. I have a plan for when I want to have novels read by and study notes made for, so that the following days can be spent reviewing those things. Whatever you do, don't cram! Cramming is way too ineffective and the stress of that situation will make you miserable, no doubt.

5. Be healthy

Sleep. Eat. Seriously, as hard as it may be, try and sleep 8 hours a night - you'll thank yourself for it. Also, pay attention to the food you're eating during this busy exam season. Healthier choices will keep your brain sharp. Have water with you when you're studying. And try to avoid anything that comes out of a vending machine.

Study techniques vary depending on what type of learner you are. Try to re-read things, test yourself, explain concepts to another student... whatever works for you. I learn through hearing things, so I like to study at home so that I can say things out loud when I'm studying.

Don't stress! Take some deep breaths!
Good luck with any upcoming school assessments!



  1. Agreeing with all those tips! Also drink enough during studying, it will keep you awake and your brain active.

  2. I have huge exams this may and this will definitely help me, i also use sweet as a little motivation and even though i revise a lot but when it comes to the exam my brain goes blank. Any tips on that ? X

    1. The best thing to do right before an exam is relax. Take the 15 minutes prior to just clear your mind - don't psych yourself out!
      When studying, if you find certain things are more difficult to remember, try going over them before you go to sleep for the night, it helps engrave things into your mind.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I'll keep them in mind. And also, keep a bottle of water on your desk when you're writing exams; a study showed that those who drink water during tests tend to do better :)

  4. These are really helpful! Thanks
    It would be super cool if you could check out my blog :)

  5. Very helpful - and it definitely helps to do the rewarding system. My friend is doing that, and she's promised to buy herself a wee treat for every 500 words she writes for her essay.

    http://rainydaycupcake93.blogspot.ie/ xx