flashback: childhood style

childhood style | marlee and you
I don't think I know a single soul who doesn't enjoy looking back at childhood photos. Whether they're of you, a friend or family member, it's always fascinating the get a glimpse of someone's past life - including your own.

I have many vivid memories from growing up, and one thing I haven't forgotten is how my mother always let me dress myself. I wasn't babied, waking up to an outfit picked out for me each morning. I got to put together my own ensembles (however horrid they may have been).

Here I'm featuring some of my more interesting fashion statements from the 90s including this outfit above where I'm rocking a full neon look complete with a matching sideways hat.

childhood style | marlee and you
Anyone who has a sister can probably attest to having owned matching outfits. It's a pretty cute concept, even if it's a smidge tacky (sorry Mom). Then we have this photo of me wearing a matching top and pants outfit featuring polka dots, which isn't bad... it's the neon watch on my wrist that makes me shake my head. Poor choice. I'm also wearing one of my Dad's classy hats.

childhood style | marlee and you
And lastly, here I am on the right wearing my own rendition of 90s colour blocking... huge flashy contrast in comparison to my sister's baby pink and maroon ensemble. Quite a bold fashion statement on my part. I actually currently own a pair of hot pink pants, so I can't really comment on those negetively!

I can't help but laugh at some of the silly things I wore as a child. It's also interesting to note the fashions that were in twenty years ago, and how they somehow started reappearing lately. I don't necessarily mean any of the "trends" in these photos of mine, but things such as denim jackets, big sunglasses and high-waisted pants are currently all the rage (again).

What was your childhood style like?



  1. Woah, time warp! Great post. I have a little sister, but my dear mum never set her mind to dressing us like twins. What a priceless photo!
    L A

  2. I happen to know that your mother was intentional about only dressing you in matching outfits that one time :) and you were both so adorable. Who could resist?

    1. haha alright, we were adorable, I get it
      let's just put this matching outfit incident behind us :P