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Guess what!!? I've just been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Abby! Thank you so much for the nomination! It's been a while since I've been tagged or nominated by another member of the blogging community and I can't wait to pass this one on!

The Rules

1) Link the person who nominated you.
2) List and display the rules.
3) Share seven facts about yourself.
4) Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know they have been nominated.

My Seven Facts 

1) To keep with this award's theme of inspiration, I am always inspired by nature and sunny weather - I'm most productive when the sun is shining through my window.

2) I am a lover of languages. I am currently studying German and French which has sparked some major wanderlust - my dream is to travel Europe and make use of these language skills in a practical way.

3) My dream job is to be a wedding planner. Oddly enough, for a 20-year-old, I'm very in the know when it comes to all things bridal. I've got stacks of wedding magazines, inspiration board collages and numerous word documents for planning purposes.

4) I have two adopted pets that I love very dearly; a dog (puggle to be exact) named Bentley and a grey dwarf rabbit named Cobalt.

5) I am a fanatic of all things musical. I love going to see school shows and musicals at the local performing arts theatre. I love any musical-turned-blockbuster movie like Hairspray, Footloose or Les Mis.

6) I have always had a sweet-tooth. Chocolate is definitely my weakness. My food board on Pinterest is at least 50% desserts.

7) I CANNOT watch horror movies. Ever. My imagination is way too creative and vivid for that. Give me something Disney, and I'll be a happy girl.

My Nominees

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Thanks again, Abby, for the nomination!



  1. Marlee, we are like twins!! I'd love to be a wedding planner too, and my Pinterest food boards are pretty much all chocolate ;) Have a great day!!

  2. Love reading these fact posts about people! I'm also studying German, but finding it very difficult to put into practice as I'm currently on the border of three countries (France, Germand and Switzerland) so the mix of languages is crazy...but I can't really complain I guess! Danielle x

    frontière girl

  3. Thats awesome! Congrats on the award! :)

    Found you through HCBN :)
    I blog over at www.endlesslybeloved.com :)

  4. Great post!

  5. Thanks sooooo much for the nomination!!! :)

  6. Congrats!!! And haha I love all things sweet too :)

  7. You're very welcome. I mean, why wouldn't I nominate you? I love your blog and all of your posts!
    And I agree, I cannot watch horror movies at all. I'm the biggest scaredy cat when it comes to these things. And your dream to be a wedding planner is lovely! I sincerely wish that you accomplish your goals!

  8. Thanks for nominating me! Here is my post, if you're interested.

    ♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise