Bentley's adoption story

Bentley's adoption story | marlee and you

In March 2013, my mom and I had never owned a dog. I always liked the idea of having a dog, but we never really considered getting one until a particular Facebook post showed up in my mom's feed one day. One of her Facebook friends had posted that a dog had been abandoned and that it now needed a good home.

For some reason, my first reaction was, "Mom, we need to help this dog." There had been other posts of dogs that needed adopting, but this one just seemed right. Somehow it only took a little convincing before my mom agreed that we could adopt this dog. Within a week and a half we welcomed a one-year-old Puggle into our home. We named him Bentley and he seemed to be just as excited as we were to start this new adventure.

Bentley adjusted well to our home. Mom and I both had some struggles being first time dog owners. We needed to add many different things into our routines like walks, feedings, baths and groomings. We also had to do multiple tests and shots at the vet, because Bentley had no medical history. Thank goodness Ben enjoys going to the vet! He's always so excited to see everyone there! 

Bentley's adoption story | marlee and you

With all the joys that comes with it, adopting a pet can have its setbacks. Bentley has some separation anxiety and we still have lots of training to do. Everyone has had to adjust to this new lifestyle, but we're all making progress. Any form of adoption is so rewarding! Many people I've talked to tell me about how loyal their adopted pets are compared to others. These pets don't forget that you rescued them and brought them to a better way of living.

It's now been over a year since we initially brought Bentley into out home. Bentley made the perfect addition to our family and has brought us all together in a unique way. I encourage anyone who is capable to adopt a pet - it will change your life!



  1. This is beautiful, and I love when people like yourself, do such wonderful things for animals like Bentley! I' ve never been allowed a dog when living at home, but now I have my own house we may be buying a pet Staffie. I love dogs so much my dad used to always have 1 or 2 at a time but I'm in two minds as I don't want it to be the wrong decision.

    Your Bentley is a little beauty! :)

    Clair xx