boradway nails: imPress press-on manicure review

imPress manicure | marlee and you

I'm a member on the Influenster website where people share reviews on different products! I was sent two imPress Manicures, complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. Check out my results and thoughts on these press-on manicure kits!

imPress manicure | marlee and you

I really like both designs! The silver and black look is one that I would be able to achieve myself with the polishes I have, but the purple is more intricate and I wouldn't be able to do that design on myself! One of my biggest challenges when doing nail art is having to repeat the design on my dominant hand. These press-on nails are perfect for achieving a consistent look on both hands!

imPress manicure | marlee and you

The nails were very straight forward to apply. You just wipe your nail with the prep towelette, pick the nail shapes that will fit nicely, take off the backing, then firmly press the nail down! Voila! I was pleased with 9/10 of my nail applications. For my second manicure, I'll start by applying nails to my dominant hand, because I think it would make the process easier.

imPress manicure | marlee and you

I love how natural these press-on nails look! I've never done an artificial manicure before, but I'm definitely impressed by this first experience! Now we'll just see how long this imPress manicure lasts! (So far I've had them on for a full day at work and everything is holding on strong with no damage!)

Have you ever tried a press-on mani?



  1. These really are great press-ons! I hated my pattern, but love the black/silver one you got. :)
    xoxo Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  2. I never got around to trying mine out because I thought theyd look fake, but from your pictures, they look really natural! I just might try mine out now. Thank you for sharing!


    1. I'm so surprised at how well they turned out! I had such low expectations before trying them!
      I've been wearing them two days now and they still look fabulous!