my nail polish storage

nail polish storage | marlee and you

I used to keep all of my nail polishes in a cute lidded box, but this box started to overflow and I needed to come up with a new way to organize my polishes! Of course the first thing I did was search the web for nail polish racks and organizers, but I didn't like the results I came up with. The only online options I found were around $40 and I would have had to pay for shipping too.

A $40 nail polish rack was definitely not in my budget, so I decided to look in outside-the-box places to find what I was looking for. I ended up in a store called Solutions that sells everything organization related.

nail polish storage | marlee and you

After scanning the store I finally spotted the perfect organizational piece in the kitchen section! A three-leveled stand designed for kitchen cupboard storage for items like spices! Who would've thought to look for something like that for nail polish!

nail polish storage | marlee and you

I bought the piece without hesitation and went home to find that it fit all of my nail polish bottles with room to spare for new ones! The best part is, this rack only cost me $15 and it was exactly what I was looking for!

Now all of my nail polishes fit nicely on my bookshelf and make a really cool eye-catching display!

Where do you keep your nail polishes?



  1. Love this! Great find on the spice storage rack - who would have thought to look in the kitchen section for beauty storage/displays!?

  2. This is such a great price :) I need to get myself one of these, Im also looking for more makeup storage :)
    have a lovely weekend


  3. That is so nice! I have my nailpolish still in a box, but I need something like that rack!

  4. Love the colours in your collection. I desperately need a stand like this for my nail polish as I just keep all of mine in a box. Speaking of nail polish, I just published a post about some nail art I did on a friend and I would love your thoughts on it. Hope you have a lovely day, Marlee


  5. Your nail polish storage solution is much more organized than mine. I just throw all of mine in an orange plastic storage bin from Target, lol.