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Before the big chop, my hair was quite long and also slightly damaged, so I was always trying out
new products to keep my locks looking healthy. I've had all sorts of hair issues from frizz, split ends, dryness... everything!

Here are six different products that were each great for different hair issues I've had. I've tried quite the array of brands whose products varied in price ranging from $4-12.

1. Moroccan Argan Creme "sheer hydration leave-in mist"
The word mist was misleading, the product sprays out in a cream and shouldn't be sprayed directly onto hair. I spray the argan creme into my hands, rub them together, the evenly rub it through my styled hair to smooth flyaways and prevent dry and staticy hair!

2. Pantene Pro-V Overnight Miracle "repair serum"
This product is great to restore life to your hair (especially if you use a lot of heat) in between washes. You simply apply 1-2 pumps into your hair before bed, and you'll be looking silky smooth the next morning! I recommend only applying this to the ends of your hair where the majority of damage is.

3. Infusium 23 "repair and renew leave-in treatment"
This is my all-time favourite leave-in conditioner! You can spray it onto wet or dry hair to prevent further damage while healing existing issues. It's so lightweight and smells great!

4. Tresemme Split Remedy "split end sealing serum"
This treatment is perfect to apply to freshly washed, damp hair. I add it to the ends of my hair to create shine and repair split ends, which otherwise look very dull.

5. Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition "detangling nourigh + repair leave-in"
I love this product in the summer when I'm going to the beach or swimming in the pool all day! It smells amazing and is the perfect product to detangle and smooth your messy, frizzy, post-swim locks!

6. John Frieda Brilliant Brunette "shine shock leave-on perfecting glosser"
This product can either be used on soaking wet hair so seal split ends, or to finished off a styled look and add a glossy finish with no flyaways. I've been using this one for years and love how it can be used in different ways!

I wouldn't be able to choose a favourite product among these because they're all pretty great and used for different reasons. I obviously don't use all of these products every time I wash or style my hair. I typically just pick and choose which I use depending on the weather, the heat tools I'm using, and the overall texture of my hair that day. Now that it's summer, I'll definitely continue to use all of these to keep my hair looking healthy after swimming for hours on end!

Do you have a go-to hair renewal product?

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