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I'm sure we can all think back to the days of being a child and the favourite books we used to read over and over again before bed - or at least I can! I wasn't much of an avid reader growing up, but there was one children's book series that I absolutely adored! They were the Junie B. Jones books by Barbara Parks.

I own around ten books from the series and I have a couple practically memorized, I've read them that many times! Each book starts off with the same line and continues on in Junie B.'s perspective using rather poor English and featuring numerous profound thoughts that every kindergartener has. This character had such a wild imagination and crazy ideas.

Thinking back on home videos and how I know I acted as a child, there's most definitely a corelation between me and the character of Junie B.

For some people, their favourite childhood books could be by Dr. Seuss or Robert Munsch. For me, mine were written from a 5-year-old's fascinating point of view!

What was your favourite book or series from growing up?

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  1. I remember when my kindergarten teacher use to read Junie B. Jones to us. Ahh, the memories! :)

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  3. I loved Junie B. Jones! My favorite books that I read were the Dear America series, I think I read every single one of them!

  4. These books sound so cute! I've never heard of them before - maybe they never made it to Australia!