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I can't pinpoint when exactly it began, but my family has become incredibly caught up in the World Cup craze over the past decade or so. Canada doesn't ever qualify or take part in the World Cup, so naturally the majority of Canadians choose to root for wherever their heritage comes from, and for my family, our heritage originates in Germany. Thankfully Germany has a great soccer team that's worth watching! Over the years I've picked out my favourite players on the team, and love seeing them pop up again during the next major tournament.

My family buys shirts and flags and Germany swag to wear to the German-Canadian Club where we watch the games live! It's a fascinating cultural experience!  

I can never pass up a nail art opportunity, so I always dress up my nails to show some extra World Cup spirit! It's especially great for when I'm at work and in uniform (I can't exactly wear a Germany jersey there).

With this post, I really just wanted to start up a soccer conversation! Are you getting into the World Cup hype?

Which team are you rooting for this time around?

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