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Sometimes there's nothing better than just lying down and relaxing while watching a movie at the end of the day! It may just be me, but I find certain movies are always better in the summer. And even though the camp and road trip themed films get me in the summer spirit, there are also some movies that I could watch whenever, however many times and still absolutely love!

I'm sure everyone has their own list of feel-good movies, but here are my top three:

movies | marlee and you

Sister Act
I can't get enough of the soundtrack for this movie! Sister Act has such an upbeat and inspiring storyline that demonstrates how one person can impact so many others to create something truly unique and special... all while singing soulful hymns! PLUS this movie has been made into a Broadway musical - no big deal!

Princess Diaries
Who doesn't love a drastic transformation movie where an everyday girl suddenly leaps past underdog status? Princess Diaries not only has my favourite makeover scene, but two awesome lead actresses as well (Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway).

She's the Man
I can't get enough of the unlikely and completely ridiculous situations in this movie! She's the Man is so over-the-top! I also love the fact that the concept of this movie is based off of my favourite Shakespeare play (Twelfth Night). Amanda Bynes was a childhood favourite of mine, so naturally I adored her movies as well.

I think we can all say that there are a handful of movies we could watch over and over again and still enjoy! My feel-good movies are rather girlie and have totally unrealistic storylines, but I think that's why I love them so much!

What movie leaves you smiling?

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  1. she is the man is one of my favorites!

  2. I love princess diaries and she's the man! One of my favorite feel good movies Sweet home Alabama.

    1. I actually haven't seen that one!
      I'll have to add it to the list of movies I need to watch haha

  3. I love She's the Man, I think I have watched like 3 times or something. Probably because Channing Tatum is there, and I'm a big fan of him, haha :)

    Mary x

  4. Wow, this list is SPOT ON! All of my favorites. But, I personally enjoy Sister Act 2 more. My feel good movie is "Save The Last Dance".

  5. Love The Princess Diaries, so happy and funny. Might check the others out later!

  6. I like the princess's diaries too but I most favourite movie is What dream may come. It's really feel good movie :)

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin