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Everything I've been seeing online lately is all back-to-school related, and here I am still in Germany! I've got a week of classes and adventures left here and I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I've already had so many amazing experiences and absolutely love being thrown into the European culture here!

Everywhere I look there's a picture-perfect scene (and that's not even an exaggeration)! There is such stunning architecture, beautiful gardens everywhere, and countless amazing places to eat! I've literally taken hundreds of pictures in an attempt to capture all these sites for the years to come when I'm back in North America.

study abroad | marlee and you
A view of the town from the church tower

The main thing I want to reflect on right now is day-to-day living here in Germany. The locals have a completely different view when it comes to what's important. An obvious example of this is the care people take when doing things to better the environment. Everyone bikes around here, and the waste disposal sorting systems are quite intricate! Germany as a country truly wishes to do what's best for the environment - and I love that!

My favourite lifestyle element that I can't get enough of is the laid back approach to almost everything. I'm used to the none-stop go-go-go of back home, where we need to do and get everything as fast as possible. Here it's quite typical to go for a sit-down dinner and stay for three hours. Back home, I'd have my Swiss Chalet meal gobbled up with the billed paid in an hour!

Most stores and businesses have a "Ruhetag" where they're closed on Sundays. It's also quite common for places to close up for an hour and a half around lunchtime for a mid-day break. There are also so many festivities going on in town every weekend that there's always a fun event to look forward to after the work or school week! It's going to be hard for me to adjust when I get home.

study abroad | marlee and you

Here are just a couple of my favourite photos from my study abroad trip so far. The nature, buildings and food are indescribable. It's tough trying to find ways to remember all the amazing things here when they're all things you need to experience. I guess all this is to say: study abroad! I'm not even home yet and my life has changed! As cheesy as it sounds, I've grown so much as a person while studying here.

Have you considered studying abroad?

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  1. Ahh this post is so nice!
    Keep in touch xoxo

  2. Where in Germany did you do your study abroad in? I'm an American but I've been living in Munich for the last 4 years :)

    1. I was staying in Konstanz, right on the Bodensee in southern Germany!
      I didn't make it over to Munich, but I've heard it's beautiful there!