pinterest challenge: october '14

Looking back, it feels like October has just flown by! I can't believe it's already time for another monthly installment of my Pinterest Challenge! Every month I find three things on my Pinterest boards to recreate and share with you. I always look forward to picking new pins to try, because I think many people are the pin and forget type. Check out what I did this month!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (top), My Recreation (bottom)

First off, I did a nail art design! I have an entire Pinterest board specifically for nail art. I'm always looking for new inspiration and designs to try. This one was super easy - all you need is a dotting tool (or end of a bobby pin) to create ombre dots on a white base. My dotting tools are apparently smaller than the one used in the original pin, but I really like how my design turned out!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Version (right)

I also tried out a little craft pin to make button push pins! How cute! I have an inspiration board in my room (full of quotes and photos) so these push pins made the perfect addition. All you need is flat thumb tacks and buttons that are larger than the thumb tack surface. I used a superglue adhesive and it worked great! These pins could also make a cute gift! P.S. Thanks to my penpal Kelly for the beautiful quote on my inspiration board!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (left), My Attempt (right)

Lastly, I made a recipe from my beverages board.I didn't have all of the proper ingradients tha this recipe called for, but I substituted and used whatever I had on hand and my drink turned out great! Pretty soon iced beverages will be a little too chilly to enjoy - it's getting cold outside!

So there you have it! My three pin picks for the month of October! I can't believe I'll only be doing two more of these before the year is done! Holy moly! Now it's time to go get ready for Halloween!

What are you favourite types of Pinterest pins?

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  1. A huge round of applause goes to you my friend. You did a fantastic job. Love the pin board. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

  2. those buttons are adorable!! I'm a obsessive button collector. Now I have a fun use for them!