pinterest challenge: november '14

Another month has gone by, which means it's time for another installment of my Pinterest Challenge! Every month I choose three pins to try and share my attempts here on my blog! The untimate goal of this Pinterest Challenge is to inspire you to actually try out those pins that you have so many of but have never tried! Check out what I've been up to this November...

Original Pin (left), My Attempt (left)

First off is a cooking recipe! My latest attempt at cooking came from this recipe I pinned to my food board a while ago and finally got the guts to try! It's baked honey garlic chicken that uses Panko bread crumbs. This recipe required a bit of multitasking but turned out great! I'm not quite sure why my version turned out to be a much darker brown than the picture on Pinterest, but my theory is that I used more soy sauce or something? Either way, this tasted delicious and I definitely recommend you try this one out!

Original Pin (left), My Version (right)

Next I chose a pin from my new Christmas themed board! It's time to start getting in the Christmas spirit and I thought this simple DIY would be the perfect not-very-time-consuming way to add a little winter wonderland vibe to my bedroom! These paper snowflakes can be made using coffee filters, which I thought was a great idea because they're already in the perfect round shape! Coffee filters are rather fragile though, so that's my only warning.


Lastly, here is a pin that I actually haven't done this month, but figured it would be appropriate to share to give you all some fitness motivation for the month ahead! My friend pinned this workout schedule the other day and I'm going to do my best to stick with it all December! Print this off, post it on your bedroom or workout room wall and get in shape this holiday season!

What pins have inspired you lately?

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  1. That chicken looks so good! I'll have to try it sometime. :)

    And LOVE what you did with the snowflakes. I've just started decorating the house for Christmas myself, and it's always fun to try new things.

  2. Aww...I love the handmade snowflakes for the windows! That is adorable!

    <3 Amy J.

    I love that Mother Theresa quote! That is something to strive for!!

    Amy J.


  3. Lovely post! c: x