goodbye 2014!


I can't believe the holiday season has come to an end and tonight I'll be celebrating the start of a new year! That's crazy! So much has happened in 2014! Countless big and small events made this past year one to remember! Some of my most memorable moments being my 20th birthday, finding my first summer job, getting my wisdom teeth out (yes, it was quite the ordeal), connecting with a penpal, going to EUROPE and spending a wonderful Christmas holiday with family and loved ones!

Looking back on this year I feel incredibly blessed. Things did not always go as planned by any means, but I realized that I have some awesome friends and family members that I can count on to be with me during whatever 2015 brings!

Have a safe and happy New Year!
See you on the flip side!
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  1. Happy New Year! Hope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2015!

    http://misslucas93.blogspot.ie/ xx