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February always seems to be a mushy gushy month and I know some people are all for it and others can't wait for the month to pass. For me, I look forward to February more because it's my anniversary with Cory on the 4th. We just celebrated four years together! Valentine's Day  though... I could take it or leave it. It's definitely not my favourite.

I personally think Valentine's Day is a little silly and a bit of a money grab. Sure it's an opportunity for the shy to have an excuse to branch out and do something sweet to someone they admire, but I think if you really care about someone, you shouldn't need a special day to show them how you feel! You can send sweet notes or buy someone flowers any day of the year!

One of my favourite series growing up was the Junie B. Jones series and one of the books was call the Mushy Gushy Valentine. The title itself sums up Valentine's Day perfectly, in my opinion. Things are just overly mushy on this day.

Here's an idea: if you're single, don't take on the whole singles-awareness-day routine. Instead, make the most of the 14th this month and have a get-together with your best (single or not) gals! Make silly cards for each other, watch chick flicks and buy cheap candy once the sales start! Beat the system and have fun with it!

Would you host a Galentine's party?

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