little life box | march '15 unboxing

little life box | marlee and you

Last year I tried out my very first subscription box, the Little Life Box, and loved it! It's a monthly subscription box filled with healthier, more sustainable brands and ranges from snacks and vitamins to cosmetics. They offer vegan and original boxes. Being the penny-pinching student that I am, I didn't sign up for a continual subscription, but I wanted to get another box a year later, once more, as a birthday gift to myself - so I did! I was even more impressed with this year's box that I got! Check out what I got below!

little life box | marlee and you

Neolia - hydra-prevention soap bar (90g)

Neolia - hydra-prevention body lotion (foil packet sample)

Me Max Effects Naturals - eye and face makeup remover plus toner (foil packet sample)

Montange Jeunesse Mud Pac - deep pore cleaner face mask (trial size)

little life box | marlee and you

SpaTone - 100% natural liquid iron supplement (14 packets)

Herbion Naturals - all natural cough syrup for children (150 ml)

NaturePro - whey protein smoothie mix (30g)

Symbiotics Colostrum Chewables Plus - cherry flavour chewable tabs (2 tablets)

Coconut Organics - coconut bacon superfood snack (42g)

Mrs. Crumble's - large chocolate macaroon (68g)

Herbamare - sodium free natural salt substitute

Beanfield's - nacho flavour bean and rice chips (43g)

MadeGood - chocolate chip organic granola bar (24g)

Lalma - herbal teas (4 individual teabags)

I love the presentation of this box with the pretty tissue paper and pretty postcard! I'm always excited to try new healthy snacks, but I'm also really looking forward to using the liquid iron supplement. I also wanted to note how wonderful the soap bar smells - it's a gentle scent that isn't overwhelming, which I like. I'm very pleased with this box!

Do you have a favourite subscription service?
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