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Last week was my boyfriend's birthday and I really wanted to get him a product from LUSH as part of his present. I had previously gone into the store to ask if there were any products with a masculine scent and was directed to a certain body wash. So my last trip over I new exactly what I wanted to get him... and also did a bit of research and picked out two new things I wanted to try (this is normally how LUSH trips go). Check out what I've been loving from LUSH lately! 

LUSH favourites | marlee and you

LUSH favourites | marlee and youCosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask
I have been wanting to try out a fresh face mask for a while now and picked one that would work best for my skin type. I chose to try the Cosmetic Warrior mask because I was immediately impressed to see it had won a Big Day Beauty Award. Fresh face masks use "live" ingredients without preservatives and need to be kept in the fridge. This one works well on troubled / breakout-prone skin like mine and so far I've been loving it!

Grass Shower Gel
This product is essentially what it sounds like: a grass-smelling shower gel! It honestly smells like a fresh cut lawn! Cory really likes the scent and appreciated getting this as a birthday gift. This product uses wheatgrass juices and is full of nutrients and antioxidants. It also isn't full of chemicals and won't dry your skin! I personally wouldn't use this shower gel simply because I find the scent a tad too masculine for me, but Cory loves it!

Full of Grace Moisturizer
This is the first solid moisturizer from LUSH that I've tried! I always sample the lotion and massage bars in the store, but never considered getting one until I was searching for LUSH products that could help my terribly dry skin during these winter months. If you apply this product before a fresh face mask, it will help boost the effects - bonus! It is also vitamin rich and has a delightful, gentle scent. I've been using this bar before bed on my face and neck and love the condition my skin has been in when I wake up the next day! I can already tell this product will last a very long time!

Do you have a LUSH favourite?

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  1. I really like Full of Grace the others I will defiantly have try out! Thanks for the product knowledge ^^

    Z ♥

  2. I love their Sympathy for the Skin lotion, it smells so yummy and feels awesome! But I have yet to find a face product that works for me from Lush, though I might give the Cosmetic Warrior mask a try after reading this. Thanks!