april favourites '15

I'm still deciding, even as I'm writing this post, whether I plan on starting a monthly favourites post... I often share new products that I'm trying and I'm thinking I might just make this a regular thing! My best friend Daniella has been doing monthly favourite posts and I love reading them because we hangout and chat all the time, but it's not like we blurt out our favourite new things each time we see each other! All this to say, check out what I've been loving this fine month of April (that was filled with exams and essays)!

april favourites | marlee and you

Ribbon Hair Ties
I've seen ribbon hair ties all over campus this year and I was curious to see what the current trend was all about, so of course I went out and bought a pack! I'm sure you've seen the cute knotted hair ties around, right? Apparently they're supposed to be better for your hair than elastic hair ties and don't tug. The feature that attracted me the most to these was that they supposedly don't crease your hair! I've been very pleased with these hair ties, using them for over two weeks now. They're so gentle on my hair - I love it! You can pick some up at Sephora, Urban Outfitters or at most drug stores.

O.P.I. Nail Envy Strengthener
I bought this polish back in March because I didn't have enough time to properly paint and design my nails while school was getting crazy. This stuff was a great option for me. You apply two coats, then every other day you add another coat: do this two times then remove the polish and start the cycle again! I did this routine weekly and gave my nails a polish-free day to breath before beginning the cycle again. My nails are SO strong and in great condition to start up some nail art now that school is done for me!

Duolingo App
Cory's sister introduced me to this app because she and her boyfriend are trying to learn French together using it! It's basically an app that has various categories where you learn vocab and practice forming sentences, so I used this app to study for my German exam. It was a fun way to practice while also taking a break from textbook stuff!

Have you tried any of these things?

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  1. I've tried nail envy before but I didn't use it consistently enough to see any effects, but your post has encouraged me to try it again! How long did it take before it started working for you?


    1. I noticed it working after two weeks - I find it makes my nails a lot stronger so they don't split and peel as often!