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Prom season is upon us! I don't know if any of you are still in high school and are part of all the prom-hype that is happening right now, but I must say, prom just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year! I'm from Canada, and I'm pretty sure prom is a bigger deal in the states than it is here, but I also think that's changed recently because of the whole "prom-posal" notion. Everyone is going over and beyond with how they ask their prom dates! When I was in high school, only a few short years ago, asking people to prom was not a big deal and I wanted to just reflect on my prom experiences (yes, plural) and share my prom memories with you guys!

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My prom situation was kinda interesting because I went to two. My boyfriend is a year older than me, so when he was in grade 12, I was still in grade 11. We basically went to each others proms two years in a row, which was a lot of fun and a lovely excuse for me to do my hair and make-up all fancy! Cory asked me to prom in the simplest of ways, opening his calendar app on his phone, flipping to the month of May and asking, "Hey, what are you doing on this date?" To which I responded I had no idea because it was still a few months away. Then he asked me to prom and blah blah blah. It was super sweet!! I didn't expect any over-the-top, well-thought-out prom-posal with flowers and all those crazy things that the kids are doing these days.

My proms were a lot of fun! My sister came over in the morning to help me get beautified, then Cory and I exchanged corsages and bouteniers and took lots of pictures before heading to our venue. We also made a stop at Starbucks because it was the annual "Frappy Hour" promotion at the time. That was fun because people don't expect Starbucks customers to go into the store in formal attire! The dinners were nice and the dances were fun, and of course we got the professional posed prom photo to look back on in years to come (and cringe at fashion choices). For my prom, we went glow bowling after, which was awesome!

Apparently people invest a lot of money into their prom experiences, but I think both of mine were simple and sweet and of course full of memories. I don't have any regrets looking back on prom!

What are your thoughts on prom-posals?

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  1. I think Prom-posals are sweet, but unnecessary (we didn't have them) But your prom sounds like fun, although different than ours. We can go two years, not just our final one.