how to wear sweatpants

I went to a Catholic high school and the first thing that comes to mind thinking back to being a "Catholic high school student" is that uniform every student needs to wear. Yes, there were some advantages to having a uniform, like not having to think of outfits in the morning... but the biggest downside for me was that the uniform was never comfy! I love comfort and coziness and not wearing khaki pants!

University is great because you can pretty much wear whatever you want and let your personal style shine through your outfits. I like to present myself well, but my desire for comfy clothes hasn't changed. I try to find ways to make loose and comfortable clothes look half decent, so I thought I'd share a sweat-pants-outfit with you guys!

how to wear sweatpants | marlee and you

I loved this ensemble for my Mondays when I had 7 hours of class, and now it's a great option for exam season. Sitting in university lecture chairs or studying in the library is already uncomfortable enough, I may as well wear some flowy items that breath! Here I'm wearing my Roots sweatpants with two breathable tops. I try to accessorize to give the illusion of extra outfit effort, and I finish off this look with comfortable footwear like my Birkenstocks or moccasins! As a rule, I try and avoid wearing sweatpants more than once a week, but for those lazy school/study days, this is my go-to!

My tips:
-Go for a pop of colour
-Don't wear the "gross old sweats"
-Try and wear comfortable but stylish footwear
-Make an extra effort with your hair or make-up on sweatpants days
-Always accessorize! For the cooler days, opt for an infinity scarf

Do you ever wear sweats when you're out and about?

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  1. Ok, not going to lie. I don't technically own ANY sweatpants. If I do, they're SOLELY used for sleeping and they usually come off half way through the night anyway haha. So I found this post extremely helpful because I seriously have no idea how to wear sweats and not look like I'm going to bed. I just wear tights when I'm lazy and when I workout its strictly workout leggings or shorts soooo sweats might start to make an appearance in my life. Great post and suggestions!

  2. Ahh, there is definitely nothing better than slipping into sweatpants after a long day of work...and then the weekend comes and it's two full, joyous days of sweatpant wearing!
    I absolutely love them, they are 100% my go-to happy clothes but I think they are extremely underrated as everyone just think they're sloppy and lazy looking, but done right they can be perfectly fine. Fitted ones in a neutral colour are the best option, I find.

    I love the look with the red top, it's really casual and pretty! :)