2015 prom look

My best friend's little sister just had her prom! This officially marks my last prom hype and excitement for me because Brianne is the last of my friends to have their big special senior year day! Yes, that was all a big mouthful. This is just to say Brianne's prom was the last one I'd be involved with, so it was really exciting and fun to join in! I did her nails and make-up for the big day and got to witness all the excitement when she showed me dress pictures and started her prom-look inspiration board on Pinterest! Here are a couple shots from the day:

2015 prom look | marlee and you

The weather was gorgeous! Finally! We were all worried it would snow because spring just didn't seem to be happening around here, then BAM: instant summer weather! Brianne's date showed up looking dapper as ever and they both looked super cute together! Brianne's prom look was so well coordinated, with her dress, shoes, clutch and nails all matching in some way. We chose to do a floral accent nail to bring out the pretty flowers from the top part of her dress and I'm thrilled with how they turned out! I'm still waiting to hear stories of the actual prom night itself, but half the fun is the pre-prom primping, right?

What was your prom style?

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