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I'm a big fan of YouTube and have subscribed to a number of different channels, one of them being Lilly Singh aka Superwoman! Not only is she a fellow Canadian, but she always keeps it real in her rant videos and is super hilarious in general. One of Lilly's latest videos took on a more serious tone where she addressed an issue that us make-up-wearing people need to consider. She noticed that whenever she'd be seeing friends and she hadn't put on make-up and dolled herself up, she'd text them apologizing for her appearance... just think about that for a second. Why should anyone feel the need to say sorry for how they naturally look without make-up or fancy hair or the use of other cosmetic products?

I'm not going to pretend that make-up doesn't make me feel more confident, because it totally does, but there's truly no need for anyone to feel as though they have to say sorry for how they're looking that day! I also really appreciated how Lilly filmed her whole video with a "naked" face to show that she's comfortable with the internet world seeing her make-up-less and vulnerable in that sense. Watching this video definitely served as a wake up call for me and got me thinking of the importance of embracing natural beauty, but also to make your friends comfortable with and proud of their au naturel selves!

Here's Lilly's video, which I encourage you to check out and truly reconsider the effects of your words the next time you think of apologizing about your natural appearance. Even if you may not feel as confident or pretty, there is truly nothing that can be more powerful than natural beauty!

You're beautiful.

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  1. I adore this, I can't believe I skipped over this on my subscription list! I totally agree with this video, I find myself not feeling "put together" or at my "best"without makeup and I'm by no means a cake face or anything like that but, dark circles and some acnes scars make me feel less....well me. But the reaity is that IS me! I am Ana dark circles, scars, pimples, smallish eyes hahah . Great post!