how to make healthy choices at BBQ's

This weekend is known here in Canada as the May 24 long weekend and most people have Monday off - score! May 24 is often a sort of kick-off to barbeque season and I for one will be camping and attending some celebratory get-togethers! With BBQ season officially underway, I wanted to share a few tips to keep in mind for the next gathering you attend to help make some less-bad-for-you food choices so you don't feel that overwhelming regret the next day after overindulging!

I know a lot of people eat healthy and are active so that when barbeques come around they can indulge and eat whatever they wish as a treat - and that's totally fine if that's you! But maybe some of these ideas can still be useful to keep the gorging to a minimum either way...

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1. Find the Veggie Tray
There's always going to be a veggie tray! When you go for your first round of plate-filling (because let's be honest, you'll make a couple rounds to get food), start by grabbing some veggies or fruit if there is any! Go easy on the dip and you're gold!

2. Beware of the Beverages
We don't drink a lot of pop in my house, so I always used to go crazy at BBQ's when there was a huge cooler full of pop cans! In one night, I'd sometimes drink three or four cans! That's insane! I don't want to do any number crunching to add up the calories or sugar or anything like that... what I like to do now is stick with water for the night - my body thanks me for it and I'm sure yours will too.

3. Go Easy on the Condiments
I already mentioned this when I talked about veggies, but this applies to whatever you're putting on your burger, hotdog, salad etc. Take it easy on all the dressings and goops that come in a bottle, but by all means, go ham adding tomato slices, lettuce, onions and pickles to give some flavour to your meal!

4. Location Location Location
If you're at an outdoor get together, choose a seat to settle in that's farther away from the food table! If you plop down right beside it, that makes grabbing all those goodies much more convenient.

5. Bring a Healthy Choice
You can be part of your own solution! I always like to bring along snacks of some sort to BBQ's and summer gatherings, so I may as well bring some hummus and homemade pita chips or another healthier snacking option to share!

Enjoy the outdoor parties!
Feel free to indulge, but also keep these tips in mind!

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  1. Hey I just found your blog :D
    and I really like it.

    I have just been left off for the summer so my friends and I are planning on having a bbq in the next few weeks.
    Excellent post.

    Ellen in Ireland,


  2. 3-4 cans of pop? Hummm

    from http://tjsgreenadventure.blogspot.ca/

  3. Greaat post, who knew you could be healthy at a BBQ. I will be sure to use some of these! x