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You know when you're driving and a song comes on the radio and memories from 10 years ago flood your brain? Maybe this only happens to me, but I have quite an extensive list of songs that remind me of my childhood that I can still jam out to! These songs bring me back to my CD player/walkman days where I'd sing into my hairbrush and pretend my life was a Disney movie. (Was I the only one that did this?) I narrowed my list down to 5, so take a look and see if these songs bring you on a music journey back a decade or two!

Sk8er Boi - Avril Lavigne
I always looked up to my older sister, so when she went through her Avril Lavigne phase, I did too! It was cool to see a Canadian artist succeed, plus Avril was a punk style icon - we can't forget her signature loose neck tie and spiked belt! 

Spinnin' Around - Jump5
I don't really know how popular this group was, but in my church growing up, every girl was a Jump5 fan! Their songs were so techno-digital-pop-y and stuck in your head all day. I still know all the words to every song and actually got to see Jump5 live on their farewell tour! (Seriously, if any of you grew up with Jump5, leave a comment - I'm so curious!)

Hey Now - Hilary Duff
I was also a huge Disney Channel fan and of course loved watching Lizzie McGuire! When the Lizzie McGuire Movie came out I had to see it and I loved it! She crushed that song in the end and BAM Hilary Duff's singing career began. I still have her first album! This song brings me back to sleepover days with my friends from elementary school!

Destiny's Child - Survivor
This song reminds me of the radio... is that weird? My sister and I had our favourite local radio stations and one year this song blew up like crazy! I knew all the words, plus it's a great dance beat. I'm currently a huge Beyonce fan, so not much has changed.

Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
Last but not least... I'm sure this list would be incomplete without this classic! I had this song burned onto a CD and played it so many times either the CD player or the CD stopped working (I forget which). My sister and I made up a dance to this song too. I really liked Britney Spears until she got all scandalous...

Let me know what songs bring you back to your childhood days!

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  1. Oh, this is a wonderful post. Britney and Avril were my favourites. I was about 5 and I used to dance to Britney the entire time. Then when I was an older angsty teen I rediscovered Avril. Then I got onto Shakira, and Objection was just like my theme song. So good!

    Love it :) x

  2. Literally love all of these songs, ah childhood memories!!!!


  3. omg love this post! so many awesome memories and throwbacks !

    xx, kenz