summer bucket list 2015

I've technically been on summer break for a month now, but for me, it doesn't start feeling like summer until June rolls around! Last year I shared my summer bucket list and I thought I'd share the things I want to accomplish this summer too! There were a few items I wasn't able to complete last summer, so they're at the top of my list this time, with new 2015 additions below! There are 25 things in total so I'll have to cross off more than one each week - that will keep me busy!

summer bucket list | marlee and you

- go to a farmers market
- do some gardening
- see a drive-in movie
- go to a karaoke night
- go camping
- have a girls' night out
- unplug for a day
- check out garage sales
- do more DIYs

- go paintballing with friends
- try archery
- make a quilt
- go on a day trip 
- read 12+ books
- spend an afternoon poolside
- go-carting 
- host a pool party
- glow-bowling
- wash the car
- play tennis
- have a campfire
- explore downtown festivals
- have a water fight
- get slurpees
- make rootbeer floats

I know this list will definitely provide me with something fun to do all summer!
What are you looking forward to do over summer break?

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  1. Have always wanted to try archery!

  2. This is a great summer bucket list, I hope you get to do all the things you set out to do this summer. :)
    The only thing on my mental bucket list is to get a job :L


    1. Good luck with the job hunt!!

  3. Great list, and you'll feel great after the switching off for a day :) hope you have a lovely summer x

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to unplugging!