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We did it! This past Saturday my friends and I completed the 5k Foam Fest Run! As some of you may know, I've been running all summer to prepare for this crazy fun event, and let me tell you - it was totally worth it! This run was truly like no other, featuring obstacles all up and down a piece of my home town that has some rather steep hills! This event was unforgettable and what made it extra special was getting to do it all with friends! Yes, I had some stiff muscles the day after, but that made it all the more rewarding!

5k foam fest | marlee and you

Here you can see the MC that got everyone pumped up before their heat time! There was a bit of a pre-run dance party happening and you could feel the energy in the air! There are also two obstacles above: a giant slip-and-slide and the "Body Washer" obstacle which was an absolute blast! My favourite obstacle was the "Lily Pads" (below).

5k foam fest | marlee and you

That first photo is me photobombing my two friends after they wiped out on the "Timber" obstacle! Next is Cory owning the "Lily Pads" as he literally ran on water! And of course, our victory group photo taken right after we crossed the finish line! We all got medals and a Foam Fest t-shirt PLUS  a refreshing popsicle to cool us off after our run! We all appreciated the "shower" station where we got to hose off our foamy/muddy selves before packing up and heading home. We finished our day with a nice pool party before the rain came - couldn't have asked for a better day! So many memories were made!

Have you done a fun run this summer!?

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