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Wow this summer is flying by! I can't believe I'm already rounding up my monthly favourites again! July has been full of fun with friends and family PLUS the fun of snagging a summer job! I've celebrated someone's birthday, gone on coffee dates with friends, checked out a local summer festival, did a fun run, had a fish fry, saw a movie - it's been none-stop fun! Check out what I've been loving this month...

july favourites | marlee and you

LUSH Charity Pot
As I just mentioned, I got a job! I'm working at a local frozen yogurt shop (any girl's dream)! It took only one shift to notice how often I need to wash my hands and use cleaning products throughout the day, which of course has caused some sensitive/dry skin issues. I've been bringing my LUSH Charity Pot lotion to work with me to rehydrate my hands during my shifts and it's working great for me!

instax mini 8 camera
I brought my new mini poleroid camera with me on my recent road trip and have been using it to capture memories all summer! I love taking pictures and this camera provides a cool new way to save these moments! The instax cameras come in all kinds of colours and you can even get cool photo refills that have coloured borders instead of the simple white. I've got a bunch of poleroids hanging in my room now and they're also so easy to add to a scrapbook page or album. The best part is that it's instant instead of having to go and get your pictures printed!

3D Minion Goggles
My chummy and I are major minion fans! We've loved everything Despicable Me ever since the first movie came out - we both have matching minion shirts! That is why we had to go see the latest prequel, Minions, together and see it in 3D AND get the amazing 3D minion goggles! I absolutely loved the movie and now I have super cool goggles for whenever I'm feeling particularly despicable!

What have you been loving this month?

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  1. I am obsessed with all things LUSH, totally need to try out that lotion! x, kenz