northern adventures: my road trip recap

Well folks, I'm finally home sweet home after two long weeks of road tripping through northern Ontario! Cory's family rented an RV for the six of us, so things got pretty cramped at times but many memories were made! I'd never been far outside of southwestern Ontario, so there was lots to see and do along the way! We drove three days and camped two nights before we arrived at our destination. The provincial parks we camped at were gorgeous but FULL of bugs! I thought the mosquitoes were bad in my home town, but they don't compare to northern mosquitoes! Let's just say after the first night of camping, I lost count of how many bites I got! Check out some of my snapshots from the trip!

road trip recap | marlee and you
Kakabeka Falls - Looks "Dirty" Because of all the Iron!

road trip recap | marlee and you
My First Catch! - First Time Fishing and I Caught a Walleye

road trip recap | marlee and you
Sunsets on the Water

road trip recap | marlee and you
Monstrous Dragonflies

road trip recap | marlee and you
Bannock Shack
We all tried some Bannock from the Bannock Shack in town! Bannock is basically a special type of bread that is really soft and greasy... definitely difficult to explain, so I encourage you all to try some!

Our entire trip was a huge success and I could never be able to fit all my stories and hundreds of photos into one post. Most memories are the kind where you just had to be there! I thought I'd finish up writing here with a bit of advice for road trip enthusiasts: plan ahead so you know all the cool places to stop, sight see and try cool foods. We stopped at monuments, the official time zone change spot, sculptures, cool souvenir places and the list goes on! Also, never let weather and other uncontrollable happenings get you down - enjoy the ride! And of course, ALWAYS bring a camera! Make sure those batteries are charged because you never know when something awesome (or hilarious) will happen... like your truck getting stuck in the ditch, for example! (Yes, that actually happened).

Do you have any summer road trip plans?

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  1. looks like you had an awesome time! That dragon fly is HUGE! xx, kenz