pinterest challenge: july '15

Nothing like some food, a nice workout and something crafty to top off a wonderful summer month! This time around for my monthly Pinterest challenge, I was rather successful! These pins have been on my board for quite some time now and I'm glad I finally got myself to do them! That's the whole point of this monthly challenge - to steer clear of the pin-and-forget mentality and to get out and just do it!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (top), My Results (bottom)

One of my all-time favourite foods is pizza. I love pizza and practically every variation of it (calzones, bagel bites, pizza pops) but I wanted to try this recipe for when I have my typical pizza craving and want to make a pizza equivalent at home. I've made pita pizzas before, which were a huge success, but I liked this quick element to the pizzadilla idea. It literally takes three minutes on the stove and you've got instant pizza delisiousness! I also love pizza sauce, and dipping the pizzadilla in sauce was a great decision!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin

I've been trying to switch up my workout routine by focusing on different muscles each workout. I always find ab exercises difficult and most of them irritate my back. This pin was a new oblique exercise and I found it very effective! I don't own a workout ball like the one on the picture, but Cory does, so I've use his. BUT you don't even need the ball to do this move - keeping your legs straight and together has the same effect and is even more challenging. I definitely recommend trying this pin if you want to strengthen up your core!

pinterest challenge | marlee and you
Original Pin (top), My Recreation (bottom)

I originally pinned this idea because I was pin-spired by the finger painting technique! What a fun and visually appealing way to paint and decorate something! I bought a bunch of big canvases from Michael's when they were on sale and I've been wanting to get crafty ever since. Although I didn't exactly recreate what is featured in this pin, I did what I intended to do when I pinned it in the first place: success!

Have you put any pins into action this month?

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  1. The finger painting idea is a great way to use up leftover paint from other projects.

    from TJ’s Green Adventure