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Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially shopped at Sephora! Yes, I've been a time or two before, but those times were to simply buy a specific product and call it a day. This time I shopped around, talked to staff and signed up for a Sephora points card - things got serious! I went in to find some sort of brow product. I love my eyebrows and bold brows are currently a trend, so I thought I'd try to find something to accent one of my favourite features. I also wound up with some samples, my Sephora insider birthday gift and a hair product!

sephora haul | marlee and you

I settled for a Sephora brow kit that includes a double-ended brow brush and angle brush, tweezers, brow gel, and a retractable brow pencil. The kit comes with a step-by-step guide (perfect for a noob like myself). My favourite product in the kit is the gel, which you use to finish off the brow look. It adds a bit of shine and keeps things looking tidy... I'm not sure how else to explain it without actually showing you! But don't worry, I'll be posting soon with a before and after brows post!

When I was going through the checkout aisle, a particular product caught my eye: the Bumble and Bumble heat/uv protective primer! My hair stylist always comments about my need to use heat protector and I think this product is my solution. It smells amazing and it's easy to use! I signed up for the Sephora points card which is similar to most points cards at stores: you spend money, get points, then cash them in for free products. Sephora gives a birthday gift to members every year and since my birthday had already passed, I got my gift that day, which was two Nars lip pencils in a gorgeous pink and red shade - score! I also got some samples for a rose scented hand cream. The Sephora staff members were super helpful and friendly. This trip was an absolute success and I will definitely have more Sephora hauls coming your way in the future!

What's your favourite thing to buy at Sephora?

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  1. Great products- I've been waiting for my birthday month with patience so i can get my NARS lip pencils already! :)