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Happy Wednesday to you all! This school year, I'm really loving Wednesdays! Somehow I lucked out and ended up with no classes every Wednesday for the whole school year - it serves as a great work day to get things done, read ahead and stay on top of things... in theory.

I have a confession to make: I recently got Netflix. I guess that's not really the confession. I started binge watching TV shows and used up all of our monthly internet usage, leaving my house wifi-less for two whole days! MAJOR fail. That's the confession. This Netflix binge also lead to me falling behind in school work after just one week of classes. Time to get my act together!

I don't know how Netflix users have a life! It's so addictive and hooks you in! There are always great things to watch and homework never seems interesting. I'm sure I'm not the only one experiencing this! Unfortunately, I wasted a couple days of my life on Netflix when I could've been proactive, doing things that would actually benefit my student career and future!

Using up our internet usage was definitely a wake-up call. Screen watching should be used as a way to relax after putting in a bunch of hours of work. So, this Wednesday when my schedule is completely empty, I've made a huge list of things to do to catch up on work and organize my life. I'll save Netflix for those days when I have big time gaps between classes, or just need a movie night. I have big plans this upcoming weekend and I don't want to have to worry about school work when I have fun things to do!

If there's something you want to do, aside from watching Netflix, do it now! If you want to make this school year your best yet, start making an effort today! Somehow, I've managed to quit binge watching cold turkey... anything is possible! Let my unfortunate Netflix binge help you get on track to focus on what needs doing. Netflix will still be there for me over winter break when I'm free from school work... and the grades I get this term will still be there on my transcript whether I do well or not. Prioritize!

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  1. Netflix is a HUGE time suck!!! I try to only watch one episode.. when I have nothing else to do.. and even then sometimes I cant stop!

  2. Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go... all of those things are such huge time sucks... and I really have to block myself from just binge-watching my favorite shows all the time!