so you're engaged...

Wedding update: Cory and I have been on a wedding planning spree, getting organized and booking as many things as we can before I have to focus all my time on school related things! I love the whole engagement process and have especially enjoyed the planning! I'm sure engagement can be overwhelming for a lot of people, so I'm writing this post to tell y'all to take a breath and take some of my advice on 5 things you should do once you're engaged!

1. Enjoy the Moment
I still can't believe I'm actually engaged sometimes, then certain moments come along and all of a sudden it feels so real! I think being engaged takes some getting used to and it's a phase that everyone should enjoy! Take time to be with your new fiancé and start dreaming about your big day together. When Cory popped the question, I was so excited and wanted to tell everyone right away, but I'm glad we had those few days of camping with our friends before heading back to the real world!

2. Start Spreading the News
Figure out who you want to share your news with and how! Some might want to tell their families in person, or call their closest friends. Consider telling your gossip-loving news-spreading relatives until those closer to you know, so nothing gets on the internet and spread around before you want it to! As soon as we let all of our loved ones know our big news, Cory and I made things "Facebook official" and posted a ring picture for all to see! There are so many cool ways to announce engagement using the internet (see #4.) 

3. Think of Dates
I know this may seem fast, and I just suggested you enjoy simply being engaged, but something to consider is how the two of you will respond to the question you'll be asked a million times, "So, have you picked a date yet?" Cory and I had a date in mind from the start, so we were able to just say we were considering some time around that specific date, but nothing was written in stone yet. If you have no clue when you want to wed, but you can at least narrow it down to a year or season, that response would satisfy those curious family members!

4. Begin the Pin
Pinterest is essentially wedding planning heaven! Whether you want to scroll through the specific wedding category, or search key words based on a wedding theme you like, Pinterest will start to get the creative juices flowing! If you're planning to DIY anything, Pinterest is your place to go. If you have no idea what sort of dress you want, Pinterest is your place to go! There are unlimited images and links to webpages that can help you be inspired and get organized to create your wedding vision.

5. Find a Photographer
This is a more lengthy explanation, because it's a rather big decision! I know it might be hard to come down from that cloud you're floating on, but I definitely suggest finding a photographer before any other vendor. Some may disagree, thinking a venue and date are more important to figure out right away - there's definitely more than one way to go about things! For me, capturing memories through photographs is the most important thing for my wedding day (and budget), so we can look back on the moments captured for years to come! We were willing to move our wedding date idea in order to get a great professional photographer. On our camping trip (when Cory proposed) Cory's best friend and best man, Raf, suggested a photographer friend we may be interested in, so we got that ball rolling as soon as we could! I did research on other local photographers, compared pricing, then arranged to meet with the guy Raf recommended. We were so impressed and went ahead and booked our engagement shoot for the next week! We already have our photos back - but that's a whole different story on a whole new post coming soon!

If you're engaged right now - congratulations! If you're married - congratulations to you too! Comment below if you have any more advice for engaged couples! And if you're single or engagement is totally off your radar, maybe just tuck these ideas in the back of your mind for future use!

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  1. This post is perfect because I just got engaged about two weeks ago.
    I had no idea venues would be booked so far in advance because out of the 5 venues we were potentially interested in, 3 were already booked up for both October and November 2016...but thankfully we secured one on Tuesday.
    Now the vendor search begins!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. I haven't been on your blog for awhile and this is great post to start off. Congratulations hun it must be really exciting for you. I'm not engage yet but think about these things already lol x

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin// Instagram