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Last weekend was an absolute dream! I went on an adventure to Toronto and got to check out one of the headlining acts in the comedy festival that was taking place! I'd never really been to Toronto before, so this was a whole new experience for me! Lots of walking happened - according to my phone, I took 12,000 steps, which isn't bad when a good part of the day was spent busing to the city and sitting at the show! Check out some of the pics and memories from my day away!

We got to check out Nathan Phillips Square where the big light-up Toronto display was. The sign will be moved to different locations throughout the city throughout the next year. There were also art displays to peruse through. Lucky for Cory and I, there were a bunch of food trucks nearby where we got to grab some street meat for lunch before making our way over to the Sony Centre for our show!

Before I tell you about this very special comedy performance we saw, I'll just comment on the photos above. There are always neat buildings and sights to see wherever you look in Toronto. I almost wish we slowed things down a bit to take in more of the exciting life happening in this crazy busy city. We also got to make our way to the CN Tower. I'd never been so close to it before! Next time I'm in Toronto, I'll make it up the big elevator and see the city from way up high!

Alrighty. I know these photos aren't the best quality - for some reason the lighting made it hard for my phone camera to focus. Regardless. Guys. I got to see MIRANDA SINGS! For some of you reading this, you might not even know who she is, other people who have seen her before might wonder why I would spend money to see her show, but any Mirfandas would understand how incredibly cool this experience was! Miranda Sings is a YouTube celebrity who is a character played by Colleen Ballinger. She's a comedy act and posts videos of her covering songs or doing collabs with other YouTubers. Miranda has been selling out shows worldwide and I'm so lucky I got to see her live!

The show was absolutely hilarious, which was to be expected! So many audience members dressed up as Miranda, and one of the dads in the row in front of us actually let his daughter put a "Miranda" amount of lipstick on his face! Miranda talked a bit about the main topics in her book and performed all of her various talents and skills for the audience. I loved that she invited people to come on stage with her! I WILL see Miranda again, and next time, I'll be getting backstage passes!

Who's your favourite YouTuber?

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