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Cory and I ready to model last weekend
Bridal shows (or bridal expos) are an awesome place to start your whole wedding planning process! They're where you can find local wedding vendors all under one roof: photographers, caterers, cake bakers, DJ's - the works! I've actually volunteered at a bridal expo in town for ten years now, modelling and helping out with the wedding fashion show! It's so much fun and has its benefits when you or someone you know is planning a wedding! Over the years, I've come up with a few tips for any bridal parties planning to check out a bridal show!

1. Have a Game Plan
Already have a photographer? Save time by passing by the photography booths and focus on the services that you still need! I know this sounds pretty obvious, but bridal shows can be overwhelming! People are handing you business cards, brochures and free samples left, right and centre! Stay focused by letting your team know your purpose for going to the show and who you'd like to talk to. You might not have a specific goal other than to be inspired and that works too!

2. Keep You Bridal Brigade Small
Depending on the size of your bridal party, you might want to go with just your future spouse, your maid of honour and your parents. The more people you bring, the harder it is to make your way through the rows of booths and the inevitable crowd.

3. Prep Your Inbox!
A lot of companies at bridal shows have some sort of prize draw where you'll need to write your name, phone number and email address down on a ballot in order to enter. These prizes are super appealing - of course you want to win! Some brides will make labels with their info on it to just stick on the ballots and save time from writing out their details at every booth. It's also often suggested for couples to create a wedding email address to keep wedding planning emails all in one spot. Just note that even if you don't win those draws, the vendors now have your email address and you'll likely get a promo message from them in the future!

4. Wear Comfy Shoes
These shows are all about walking around! No one will judge you for wearing a sensible pair of running shoes. The vendors are the ones trying to impress you! You wouldn't want to leave the show early and miss out on finding the perfect wedding favours just because you wore four-inch heels!

5. Bring Snacks
There will most likely be cake samples, but you'll definitely be glad you brought water! Try and prevent any potential bride-zilla moments by making sure you grab a bite before you plan on checking out the show!

Have you been to a bridal expo before?

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  1. I really appreciate these tips! I'm not engaged yet, but I have attended my fair share of bridal shows, and this will really come in handy for future expos :)

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass