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I always find this time of year to be difficult. School things start to pick up, the weather is typically dreadful and spring always seems so far away. I've definitely got my hands full (balancing school, work, tutoring, babysitting and wedding planning) and I find it helpful to just list off things that I'm looking forward to in the near future. There are so many great things that will happen in a short amount of time, I just need to tough it out for the next little while! Here is my current list of what I'm looking forward to:


-The day after Valentine's Day. Cory and I don't really acknowledge Valentine's Day. We normally find a cool meal to make, we cook it together, watch a movie and call it a night. We do, however, go out and buy cheap chocolates the next day. Chocolate is my weakness.

-March 1st. Not only is March 1st Cory's birthday, it's also the day I finally get to find out if I've been accepted to teacher's college! That's also when I'll be deciding if I'll be staying in my hometown or moving away! Big adult life decisions coming up!

-Spring! It's my favourite time of year! The days have already started to get longer, but it doesn't feel like spring until the snow is all gone and the outside world starts to look alive again.

-My birthday! I'll be turning 22 the end of March. This birthday will be a lot different than ones in the past (not having one of my bestest friends and my sister here to celebrate), but it falls on Easter weekend, which is also one of my favourite times!

-June 1st. The day my chummy comes home from a year studying abroad in England! We've got lots to catch up on! Although my computer doesn't like it when I use Skype and we don't message each other everyday, I know when we're reunited, we'll be able to pick up where we left off and I can't wait!

These are the things coming up in the near future for me. Of course, there will be a big wedding day later in the summer and all the huge life events that will lead up to that. But for now, this list is what I'm most looking forward to. I just gotta make it through the next little while, which won't even be so bad!

What are you most looking forward to right now?

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  1. Woow, you have a lot of things coming up! I really hope you get accepted as a teacher, this would be wonderful! I'm starting college in a couple of weeks so I think this is the most important event in my near future!x