project life: first impressions

I've always been a crafty person! I love to paint, colour, make cards, scrapbook... but that last one is a rather time-consuming hobby that I have been behind on for quite some time. The last time I created a scrapbook page was two summers ago. I still make mini photo albums after going on trips and stuff, but I had essentially put my scrapbooking on hold indefinitely... UNTIL one of my friends recently showed me their Project Life album and my love for scrapbooking was instantly revived!

The whole idea behind Becky Higgins' Project Life scrapbooking system is to make it easy to document life through pictures in an efficient way. Each album can hold a two-page spread for each week of the year. If you take a few minutes each week to print photos from the past few days, write some comments and put them in your album, you'll never fall behind on family life documenting and you won't end up with boxes and boxes (or multiple memory cards) full of family memories hiding in your basement.

I fell in love with Project Life and thought it would be the perfect way to document all the fun events leading up to our wedding this year, including our wedding photos! Once we get our wedding photos, I'll just need to get them all printed and into this book so I can simply bring my photo album to family gatherings to show everyone. Then I can keep it on a shelf in our living room for easy access and reminiscing in the future!

What's special about Project Life is that it's pocket scrapbooking. You get an album to hold the 12x12 photo sheets, then fill up their pockets with pictures and comment cards. No glue. Minimal design planning. Pure genius. I got a multi pack of photo sheets with various design layouts, but if there's a specific design you prefer, you can get a full pack of just one layout. I started off buying the Midnight Edition Core Kit and Good Times Mini Kit of card inserts. I'm keeping this album simple with mostly black and white inserts so the photos really pop. So far I've only done a few pages, but it's been so straight forward to do - it's great!

Becky Higgins has a wonderful website to guide you through all things pocket scrapbooking related. Project Life items can also be bought online on Amazon or at Michaels (and Michaels always has coupons)! If you check out the Becky Higgins website, you'll be inspired in a heartbeat! I'm super happy I found our about Project Life and I can't wait to get started putting together our wedding album!

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  1. Ah this is gorgeous. Lovely idea :)

  2. I've always been thinking about doing this, but never had the final decision of doing it. Maybe I will make it my summer project :)