an alternative to wearing a dress to winter formal

Earlier this month, Cory and I attended my last ever Charity Ball at my university! Charity Ball is an event that students always look forward to because it's an excuse to dress up all fancy in the middle of winter and have an amazing night (while supporting a local charity)! The last Charity Ball I went to, I wore a short fancy dress and almost instantly regretted that decision. Like I said... it's a winter event! In Canada! This year we just got a big dump of snow before Charity Ball and it was at least negative 10 (Celsius) so I made a more sensible fashion choice this time around! Jumpsuit + blazer + black pumps = the perfect combination.

I chose to keep the colour pallet pretty basic with just a simple black and white combo. I could've easily made things more interesting by going with some hot pink heels or a bold coloured  belt, but I was already stretching my fashion comfort zone with this ensemble.

Well, let me tell you - I have never been one to get many compliments on my outfit choices, but lots of people (complete strangers included) loved what I was wearing! I got comments all night! And the best part was that I wasn't freezing my butt off on the ride over, during the event, or walking outside to catch a cab home. You don't need to wear a dress to feel fabulous and feminine! I'll totally wear this outfit again. I'm also more likely to choose comfort over strapless bras, double-sided tape and braving the cold in the future!

Would you try the jumpsuit + blazer combo?

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