the problem with being busy

If you take a quick step back to observe your daily routine, it wouldn't take long to realise that most of our life is spent figuring out how to get the most things done as quickly as possible. I recently stumbled upon two pieces of internet gold which made me reflect on my busy hustle-and-bustle lifestyle and inspired me to write this post for you.

First: a pin on Pinterest with the phrase "How to Unwind and Relax."
The fact that we need to be reminded how to take time to ourselves and relax is a bit disturbing if you think about it! We're not meant to keeping going non-stop! We all need to take breaks on a daily basis! If you don't, you won't be putting forth your best work - however the word "work" can be applied to your situation. You will have more imaginative thoughts, peace of mind and a healthier body if you make an effort to de-stress everyday. We shouldn't need to read an article on the web to discover how to unwind!

Second: a thought-provoking quote on instagram (here).
Since beginning my Project Life scrapbooking journey, I started following Becky Higgins on instagram. She posts great photos of scrapbook spreads and photography tips in addition to advice on how to cultivate a good life. This particular quote that inspired me said, "part of cultivating a good life is recognizing that if we're too busy to prioritize God, we are busier than God intended for us to be." What a fascinating yet completely simple concept that I need to remind myself of!

I recently started a new job as a Starbucks barista and have been loving the learning process so far! Things can be pretty hectic and fast-paced though. I've been really encouraged by my fellow Starbucks partners who have been patient with me as I'm learning and who have written sweet messages on my cup at the end of my shifts. Coffee, for me, is a great way to take time for myself to relax and be in the moment by taking a break from the chaos life can bring.

You don't have to be superman/woman. You don't need to get everything done and accomplished right now. Life is short and you should be proud of where you're at during this current stage in your life. Look ahead to what you'd like to accomplish, but know that you can live your best life by moving forward at a comfortable and moderate pace.

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