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Our big day is coming up in less than 5 months! Now that I'm actually typing that out, I can't believe how little time we have left to pull everything together for our wedding day! It's been a bumpy road lately, having run into a few snags and school has also gotten crazy, so staying on top of it all has been a challenge. I wanted to update you guys on the progress of things and what I'm most looking forward to wedding-wise over the next little while!

First off, the bad news... or at least the less pleasant parts of the wedding planning process for us. We had come up with a pretty solid budget plan for how much we wanted to spend on our wedding and how much we'd like to put for each vendor and expense. That budget was working pretty darn well until we met with our caterer and realized we had very unrealistic ideas of how much food costs. Budget broken - immediately! Thankfully we met with our caterer right after we'd set a date, so we knew we'd have enough time to rework our budget and adjust to our exceeded original budget plan. No biggie. We want everyone to be fed! Food and photography were the two things we knew we wanted to invest in to make our guests happy and to remember this day for years to come through photos.

Which brings me to my next point. We just found out that we may need to find a new photographer for our wedding, because the one we had lined up for our big day might be moving to New York for a summer job opportunity. We're really happy for him if he gets the position he wants, but we'll need to find a replacement ASAP if he moves away.

On the "good news" side of wedding planning things, I now know exactly when two of my three bridesmaids will be returning home to help out with wedding things! Cory and I have been able to keep wedding plans under control while I have only had one bridesmaid home with me, but starting next month, things are going to pick up and not slow down until the wedding is here and gone! It will be nice to have my girls back! Our wedding invitations have arrived and we'll be having an invitation-assembling party soon. I love stationary and mail and paper goods, so I was really excited to finally see our invites "in person."

Another ongoing wedding project has been my wedding dress! A seamstress friend has been working with my mom and I to rework and redesign my mom's wedding dress for me to wear! It's still quite far from completion, but I can't wait to see the final results. Seeing my completed wedding dress is the one thing I'm most looking forward to right now! I've tried on many wedding dresses in the past, volunteering at local bridal shows, but wearing my very own one-of-a-kind wedding dress on our wedding day will be so special! And with that, I've officially declared no more major wedding planning until I finish writing another two essays and Easter festivities have passed!

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  1. Congrats!! Love your updates!

  2. Glad that things are going, mostly, well for your wedding plans! Really enjoyed this post :) x