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Welcome to Marlee and You! I'm MJ - a simple gal from Canada seeking to provide the perfect procrastination destination for anyone interested. I'm just here to share some things that people might find helpful, useful or enlightening.

Here you can find posts on: Beauty, Books, College, DIY, Fashion, Food, Health, Life, Reviews, Travel and Wedding.

Marlee and You (the blog):
  • est. January 2014
  • began as a new creative outlet for me to express myself and share my thoughts
  • named after the countless times people have connected my name to the novel/movie "Marley and Me"
  • features my thoughts, favourite things and ideas for everyday life
  • an open ground for comments and discussions 
  • received the Liebster Award and the Very Inspiring Blog Award

MJ (the writer): 
  • 22 year old university language student
  • musician and music lover
  • has a passion for all things beauty
  • food fanatic and experimental chef
  • on a student budget, so I love saving money!

Connections (the links):

E-mail: mj.288@hotmail.com

This blog is called Marlee and You specifically because I don't want it to be one-sided. Join in on the conversation!
Feel free to suggest blog post ideas and what you want to see more of in the comment section below!

Welcome to the Marlee and You family!

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